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Mosmatic Aqua surface cleaner FL-SAR 300


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SKU: 11770
  • Water Recovery ( Self Expelled )
  • No additional vacuum machine required
  • Integrated high quality toggle swivel
  • Temperature 120 degrees
  • Applications indoors and outdoors
  • Ready to use

Mosmatic Aqua Surface Cleaner with integrated water recovery.

This multi purpose machine is fitted with an integrated venturi which creates an internal vacuum, to expel most of the dirty water out through a hose port without the need of a vacuum cleaner. This enables you to direct dirty water into a drain, recovery tank or even a wash basin when cleaning inside a property. The Mosmatic Aqua is a compact and light weight machine and comes equipped with a toggle swivel making it possible to angle the head for use on walls and floors easily. To create the internal vacuum, approximately 1/3 of the water is diverted through the venturi and not through the cleaning nozzles therefore we recommend using a pressure washer with a good flow rate.

78.243 FL-SAR300 – 12″ Aqua Surface Cleaner, venturi recovery, brush skirt, lance, single rotor arm with 2x 030 nozzles, wheels, 275 bar. The Venturi device is also fitted with a 030 nozzle making the total nozzle hole size for this machine 090. Please check your flow rate is adequate for this size of nozzle.

All Mosmatic surface cleaners are constructed of stainless steel, can be used with hot water and fitted with a non- maintenance self lubricated swivel

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